Herb Tool Package

Mini Dibber - For delicate thinning out or transplanting small seedlings the mini dibber makes this task much easier. The two different sized and rounded tips prevent the small plants from being damaged.  The mini dibber is ash wood and is 6 7/8"long and 3/4" thick.  

Mini pruners - These small pruners are constructed from high quality carbon steel.  Their best quality is the they are so easy to use, making it easy for the gardener to reach into small spaces and clip tiny stems, flowers, and fruit without bothering surrounding vegetation.  They are spring loaded with a bottom catch for safety and they are only 5 1/2" by 1 1/2". These pruners fit the smallest of hands! 

Herb Scissors - Fresh herbs taste delicious and can be worked into so many dishes.  Always use freshly picked herbs to keep all the natural flavors. These special herb scissors have 5 parallel blades which make cutting herbs a quick job, plus the cuts are uniform which makes your dish presentation so nice! These scissors are 8" in length. 

Wooden Plant Labels - These biodegradable plant labels can be individually inscribed with a waterproof pen and therefore help to organize the seedbed or garden bed when the seeds or transplants are put into the soil. They are 5 3/4" long x 3/4" wide and there are 40 labels in the pack. 

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