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Monica Meyer @ 2023-11-27 14:41:16 -0600

Give Them a Ready-to-Grow Space with This Beautiful Cedar Raised Garden Bed

Set your gardener up with 16 square feet of growing space—the perfect garden size for a beginner! Our brand-new 4' x 4' x 1' cedar raised bed can hold loads of herbs, flowers, salad greens, and vegetables.

This bed is sturdy, durable, and thanks to the top trim, elegant. Each Western Red Cedar board is hand-selected and sanded to feature the most beautiful wood grain. We recommend putting a large red ribbon on the bed once it's all assembled—you know, like they do in car commercials. Your gift recipient will be thrilled to have their very own growing space.

Product Features:

  • Assembles in minutes
  • Handcrafted in the US
  • Free shipping in the US

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Cedar Raised Gardens by Gardenary

Fill Their Garden Tool Belt with This Deluxe Garden Tool Set

If your loved one is really getting serious about gardening, then hook them up with these high-quality tools that are designed for durability and performance. Trust us—this set has all your giftee will need to plant and maintain a beautiful, productive kitchen garden.

This tool set includes:

  • a hori hori knife with a serrated blade to cut, saw, and dig
  • a hand leaf rake to keep the raised bed tidy
  • a wood and metal dibber to make planting holes
  • bypass pruners to prune stems
  • dustpan and broom set to clean up messes after planting
  • a ball of natural jute rope to tie up vines and create straight planting lines
  • 10 complimentary hairpin-style plant labels in zinc

Tools are made of top-of-the-line stainless steel with ash wood handles.

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Add Style to Their Garden with This Modern Panel Trellis

If the special gardener in your life doesn't have a garden trellis or two (or three or five), then this trellis should climb to the top of their wish list. Trellises are a must-have for kitchen gardeners, and this panel trellis is ideal for gardens that are up against a home or fence. The metal rectangles look so chic and support vining plants like cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, passion vine, and climbing roses.

No big deal or anything, but these elegant panels were featured in Southern Living Magazine. They basically put the style in kitchen garden style.

Product Features:

  • black powder coated finish
  • 11" legs to anchor trellis in raised bed or ground
  • 78" of vertical growing space

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Make Tending Their Favorite Herbs and Salad Greens More Convenient

This elevated garden bed with a bottom makes the perfect gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, birthdays—really any special occasion.

Our standing raised bed is the ideal size to help a beginner gardener get started, and the perfect height to make planting and harvesting more accessible for gardeners with mobility issues. It can go on a back patio or a balcony if your giftee lives in an apartment, condo, or town home. Bring the garden right to their level!

Product Features:

  • 12" of planting depth
  • handcrafted with Montana cedar (grown in US)
  • easy to assemble

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Upgrade Their Rusted Ol' Garden Tools with This Copper-Clad Deluxe Tool Package

If your special someone has been using the same rusted pair of pruners since last century, it's time to upgrade their gardening tools. Each tool in this set is made of high-quality copper-plated carbon steel with ash wood handles. They're about as glam as gardening tools can get. That means this set is not likely something your gift recipient would dare buy for themselves, but they'll feel so privileged to have them!

This tool set includes:

  • a transplanter for transplanting plants and removing weeds
  • copper-plated pruners
  • a hand rake to help with garden cleanup
  • a planting line with bobbin for easy rolling and unrolling
  • a hygrometer to help your gardener know when to water
  • a paper string dispenser
  • 12 copper-plated hairpin-style plant labels.

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Bring the Garden to Them with This Patio Planter on Wheels

If your gardener has wanted to grow on their balcony but has been worried about weight, this light-weight aluminum planter is the answer to their gardening prayers. My family has three of these planters on our wood raised deck, and we've planted them to the brim with peppers, tomatoes, kale, and herbs. Harvesting from them is super convenient, and the planters have formed a beautiful backdrop for our back windows.

Product Features:

  • 4 locking casters for mobility
  • powder coated finish in black or charcoal gray
  • frost-proof, crack proof aluminum sides made of 16 gauge steel
  • drainage holes in bottom of container

You can choose from one of three different sizes to suit your gardener's outdoor space.

Shop this Aluminum Raised Bed on Wheels.

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