Aluminum Raised Bed on Wheels


These planters are made of aluminum which weighs less than other planters weigh and offers great strength.  This is important in situations where the weight of the planter is a factor such as a raised deck or a balcony.  These planters can be left outdoors year round because they are frost proof, crack proof and require very little maintenance.  These containers are powder coated and this makes the container safe for vegetables and fruit trees up to 5 or 6" tall.  The containers are made of 16 gauge steel and 1/16th of an inch in thickness. The bottom of the containers have drainage holes. The bottom trays are powder coated as well and come with 4 locking casters. 

These containers come in the following sizes and colors:

20" H x 47" W x 17" D--Black and Charcoal Grey (measurements include casters)

24" H x 47" W x 21" D - Black and Charcoal Grey (measurements include casters)

24" H X 21" W x21" D --Black and Charcoal Grey (measurements include casters)