The Amy Kitchen Garden Package: Four 4' x 8' x 1' Cedar Raised Bed Kitchen Garden Package with Two Paris Arch Trellises


We have simplified your kitchen garden project by including the essential items all shipped straight to your home. 

If you have a space that’s square, or nearly square, in shape and at least 15 feet wide (4.6m), a four-garden classic is a great option. aesthetically speaking, four gardens are absolute perfection in terms of kitchen garden design.

This garden package includes four cedar gardens measuring 4' w' x 8' L x 1' H tall for over 120' feet of growing space. 

Two Paris Arch Trellises for tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and peas and to double your growing space.

Steel edging for a space that measures approximately 18' wide x 26' long with 3' borders and a 4' center pathway. 

This package includes:

(4) 4' x 8' x 1' cedar gardens 

(2) Paris Arch Trellises

(90) Feet of 4" steel edging in your choice of black, slate or brown

(2) packages of Eco Restore Protectant