Kitchen Garden Revival by Nicole Burke

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Kitchen Garden Revival brings you step by step to create your own beautiful raised bed kitchen garden and learn exactly how to plan, plant, tend and harvest from it more than you thought possible. 

Elevate your backyard veggie patch into a work of sophisticated and stylish art. Kitchen Garden Revival guides you through every aspect of kitchen gardening, from design to harvesting—with expert advice from author Nicole Johnsey Burke, founder of Rooted Garden, one of the leading US culinary landscape companies, and Gardenary, an online kitchen gardening education and resource company.

What customers are saying:

"What a beautiful and helpful book!  I couldn't put it down last night.  I really like the section that visualizes the different plant families and how they are unique, I never understood that before. The book is very inspiring to take action, which is what Nicole seems to excel at, inspiring others."


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Love this book!

I love how you think about these gardens! This book is great. Just showed mu husband the new plan.

Beautifully and Thoughtfully written

This garden book is a great primer for the new and intermediate gardener. It is beautifully and thoughtfully written. It is obvious that a lot of heart went into the creation of this book.

Bnbnabcd Hennessy
Best beginners book.

Just starting out gardening after a 25 + year hiatus. I had forgotten everything I knew. So this book is perfect for starting out on the right foot.

Carly Filbin
Great Step by Step Guide!

I rented this first from the library and loved it so much I had to purchase! Thanks Nicole for sharing your passion with others!

Amprince2 Prince
Wonderful book

This book has taught me so much.