Kitchen Garden Revival and Leaves, Roots and Fruit Book Bundle

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Kitchen Garden Revival brings you step by step to create your own beautiful raised bed kitchen garden and learn exactly how to plan, plant, tend and harvest from it more than you thought possible. 

Elevate your backyard veggie patch into a work of sophisticated and stylish art. Kitchen Garden Revival guides you through every aspect of kitchen gardening, from design to harvesting—with expert advice from author Nicole Johnsey Burke, founder of Rooted Garden, one of the leading US culinary landscape companies, and Gardenary, an online kitchen gardening education and resource company.

What customers are saying:

"What a beautiful and helpful book!  I couldn't put it down last night.  I really like the section that visualizes the different plant families and how they are unique, I never understood that before. The book is very inspiring to take action, which is what Nicole seems to excel at, inspiring others."

Nicole's second book was launched in the spring of 2023. Leaves Roots and Fruit teaches you the step by step to grow as a gardener-first with leaves, then with roots and finally fruit. 

Do you dream of walking through your own kitchen garden with baskets full of delicious food you grew yourself? But are you waiting to begin because you think you don’t have enough space, sun, time, or experience?

Then consider this: Plants want to grow. And when you match a plant’s needs to your own resources, you’re just one step away from success in the kitchen garden.

Nicole Johnsey Burke—founder of Gardenary, Inc., and author of 
Kitchen Garden Revival—is your expert guide for growing your own fresh, organic food every day of the year, no matter where you grow. More than just providing the how-to, she gives you the know-how for a practical and intuitive gardening system that includes:

- Leaves – quick satisfaction from abundant harvests, most available and simplest to grow; includes salad greens and herbs

- Roots – underground harvests that require more tending and are built for endurance, longevity, and longer shelf life; includes tubers, bulbs, and rhizomes

- Fruit – the most demanding and sweetest of all, requiring the most space, sunlight, and consistent watering to blossom; includes beans, squash, and tomatoes

Burke provides clear step-by-step instructions for setup, care, and harvest for each category of plants, complete with insightful tips for every level of gardener to grow with their plants.

There’s always a plant you can grow right where you are, right away—all you have to do is follow the steps.

Customer Reviews

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Look good

I have not had a chance to even open them to read them yet. Probably won't get to them until after summer

Patricia Johnson
kitchen Garden Revival and Leaves, Roots and Fruit Book Bunfle

Excellent information in easy to read format and jam packed with clear and concise ways to grow great functional and easy to care for gardens.

Rhonda Reed
Beautiful and informative

I love these books! They are packed with excellent easy to follow instructions and advice for creating your best organic kitchen garden. The quality of the books is top notch and the photos are beautiful . Thank you!