Metal Raised Garden 72" x 36" x 16"

Metal Raised Garden 72" x 36" x 16"

Features: These metal raised planters have attractive 45 degree angled corners and a 1” top lip return. The bottom features a 2” foot around the entire base to prevent subsidence and to provide additional tensile strength.

  • Style: bottomless, includes all hardware for install
  • Material: 14 gauge hot rolled steel
  • Capacity: 72”, .9 cubic yards (24 cubic feet) 

 Easy to Assemble: These beds will arrive in easy to install sections. Each joint is fastened together by three pre-drilled stainless steel bolts. Each bed will come with a cross support to prevent bowing of the sides.

*Please note that this metal planter will rust and stain light or porous surfaces and are not recommended in areas where this would be a concern.