Eco Restore Wood Treatment

Made from naturally occurring plant and mineral extracts, this wood preservative penetrates wood fibers to provide protection from sun and water.
A single application results in a long-lasting, maintenance-free surface. Will not wear off, peel or fade; treated wood develops a beautiful patina. Eco can be placed on the outside of the beds too and will alter the color slightly. There are photos below of the Eco applied to the exterior of the beds.
This plant- and mineral-based formula is based on a special family recipe and has been used on marinas, houses and decking for 60 years.
Product Details
  • Protects outdoor wood surfaces with a single application
  • Penetrates wood fibers for long-lasting protection
  • 2-ounce packet of powder mixed with water makes 1 gallon of preservative and covers 150 square feet.
  • Apply with a brush, roller, sprayer or by dipping
  • Safe to use around plants and pets
  • The product included is a 1 gallon packet


  • 2 oz. powder makes 1 gallon - treats 150 square feet. 

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    Tania Baumler

    Great product. Exactly what I needed.

    Adam Herron