Single 4 x 4 x 2 Corten Kitchen Garden Package

Single 4 x 4 x 2 Corten Kitchen Garden Package


We have simplified your kitchen garden project by including the essential items all shipped straight to your home. 

Twin gardens provide a symmetrical layout that makes the most of a yard that’s deeper than it is wide (or wider than it is deep). Twin gardens also allow you to maximize the growing space inside this larger garden area while creating more interest and appeal than a single garden provides. We almost always choose a minimum of two gardens unless the landscape just doesn’t allow it. Twin garden packages include two raised beds, 1 to 2 trellises, and metal edging.

This garden package includes one metal garden measuring 4' W x 4' L x 16" H tall for over 15 feet of growing space. 

One obelisk trellis for tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and peas and to double your growing space.

One steel edging for up to 45 feet of garden space

This package includes:

(1) Corten garden measuring 40" x 40" x 16"

(1) Nicole Panel Trellis

(30)' of 4" Steel Edging