Intensive Planting Ebook
Intensive Planting Ebook
Intensive Planting Ebook

Intensive Planting Ebook

I used to follow all the rules and advice on the plant tags as if they were The Law.

As a beginner gardener, I really couldn't have been more obedient, spacing my first tomato plants exactly three feet apart in two zig-zagged rows, even though that meant I could only fit four plants in my little garden box.

 Some of my challenges included very little production out of my garden. too much extra space causing the soil to dry quickly. That bare soil was also an open house for weeds.

Just to clarify, “intensive planting” is not a term that I came up with. It had already been around for a long time before I ever picked up my first dibber. The way we go about intensive planting at Gardenary, however, is unique.

 Let's get intense about our plant spacing.


  • The pros and cons of intensive planting;
  • Tips and tricks to make intensive planting work for you, wherever you’re growing;
  • Which plants should not be planted using this method;
  • Plate Planting Method that’ll transform the way you plan your garden season after season.

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